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Why is my dog acting weird ?

Dogs act in ways that we, as humans don’t normally accept and yet we expect these animals to fit in and accept our social parameters. How arrogant are we?  But dogs are not mini humans no matter how often many of us want to project human sensibilities upon them. A dog has different priorities from you and I and never the twain shall meet!

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Most importantly a dog needs to know his or her ‘place’. A dog is never really at peace until he knows his place in the ‘pecking’ order – and like most animals this equates to food issues. Who eats first, or controls the food, controls the pack!

So many of us get this wrong! Feeding our dogs before feeding ourselves – no wonder the dog is confused! In one aspect he’s senior to us i.e. eating first and yet we expect to dominate him when we choose. So many dogs in this world are completely f&*c£t up by this aspect of bad pet management alone – no wonder that occasionally they act a bit weird!

All a dog want’s is an easy life!

He wants to know who’s in charge, that  the food supply ( for today and tonight) has been sorted out by those in the pack above him i.e. you and I. And that he’s safe. That’s about it!

If your dog is acting weird then it’s because he is uncertain as to, possibly, a number of things, for example:

  • Who’s in charge? (Does your dog regard you as the leader of the pack?)
  • Where’s my next meal coming from? (Fair enough don’t you think?)
  • I had a walk yesterday morning but didn’t have one today ( Dogs like a ROUTINE!)
  • Who’s that new person who keeps bugging me? ( New arrivals? The dog needs to know where they sit in the pack culture.)

I could go on and on ( but won’t!)

Suffice to say if your dog is acting weird I suspect that it’s got 90% to do with something YOU are doing wrong and not the dog!

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  1. People are to quick to ‘anthromorphise’ dogs, to regard them as humans. They’re not! They are animals – and all the better for that.

    Their reaction to situations is therefore honest and not concerned with appearances. It’s unfair to expect dogs to behave as if they were mute humans.

  2. just a qiuz on who am going to train my dog on potty handling i will truly appreciate if you give me the guide on how to handle the situation

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