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What to Feed Your Dog

Now that you have acquired a puppy or older dog, you will need expert advice on what kind of food to use. Always consult your veterinarian about this aspect, and he/she will give you the best advice on the proper food for your breed of dog.

As long as the dog is well and does not have allergies or any other problems, normal food will be the answer. Many vets believe that only dry food should be given, and after the scare about dog food in 2008, many people have switched from wet to dry food.

Treats must be considered food, and if your dog shows signs of beginning obesity, your vet will once again come to the rescue with professional advice. Some dog trainers believe that you should train your dog without treats, but that will have to be determined by you and your vet.

Fresh water should be put out in the morning and it is important to see that the water bowl is always filled.

As to when to feed your pet, there is a great variance in ideas. Some people put out a full bowl of dry dog food in the morning and leave it there all day. Others believe that two feedings a day are sufficient, and they take the food away after the meal if there is any left.

You will probably have a trial and error time with feeding, and whatever seems to suit you and your dog would be the way to go.

It is very tempting to give in to your pet when he wants more food, but the end result will cause him to become obese and lethargic. A walk or two every day is a must, and this keeps the dog’s bowels regular. Remember to take a plastic bag with you to clean up after the pet does his business on someone’s lawn. Every city has a clean-up law and it is usually enforced.

Just remember-a walk, a filled water bowl and two meals a day will make your pet happy and healthy.

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