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How to train your Chihuahua

Once you bring that adorable Chihuahua puppy home from the breeder, it is time for the Chihuahua obedience training to begin. By the time your pup is old enough to go home with you, he is old enough to begin learning to follow basic commands and find out what the rules of the house are.

Keep in mind that very young Chihuahua puppies will have much shorter attention spans, so you will want to keep your early training sessions short and free of distractions.

Chihuahuas have a reputation for being a bit difficult to train, but as long as you are consistent with your Chihuahua obedience training, he will eventually learn to obey your commands. It will take patience and persistence on your part, so make sure that you are armed with both if you want the training session to be effective. It is also important to use plenty of praise to encourage your Chihuahua in his training sessions, and a cookie or two will not be a bad idea either!

The most important commands for your Chihuahua to learn during Chihuahua obedience training are sit, stay, come and down. Even if that pup is merely jumping up and down at your kneecaps, dogs that jump are not well-trained dogs. Another important command that your dog needs to learn is “No!”. This command should always be given in a firm, low voice with a stern facial expression, so that your puppy learns right away that no means no! It is also important to give the command when your dog is in the middle of an infraction, like when he wraps his chops around your designer sandals. If you do it minutes or even seconds after the offense, your dog will have no idea what you are talking about.

Once “No” is a part of your puppy’s vocabulary, begin working on the commands like ‘come’ and ‘sit’. With plenty of praise and cookies, your puppy should be able to learn these commands fairly quickly. Make sure that you offer simple, one word commands with plenty of positive reinforcement when your dog does your bidding.

Before you ever head to the breeder to pick up your puppy, you should be well prepared for the Chihuahua obedience training that lies ahead.

If you need additional help with the task, you can find plenty of books and Internet sites that can get you started, or you can enroll you and your puppy in an obedience training course. These classes are designed to teach dog owners how to teach their dogs, and can be a highly effective method of Chihuahua training – as long as you and your puppy faithfully complete the homework every week.

Even smaller breeds of dogs are more enjoyable to have around when they are well trained. Once your Chihuahua is hip to the house rules and agrees to abide by them you will enjoy many happy years with your pet. Don’t shirk your responsibility; show your dog who is in charge of the house right from the get go (and it’s not him or her!). Dog training will pay off in a pet that is easy to control and a pleasure in your home.

Chihuahua training is an important aspect of your dog’s care, and something that you need to prepare yourself for prior to the purchase of the dog. By researching articles like this one and reading the various dog training books available you will be well prepared for the training of your Chihuahua puppy.

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