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Appropriate Toys for Your Dog

When you have a new dog in the house it is important to keep him happy and contented. One way to accomplish this is to have a variety of appropriate toys at his disposal. Dogs love the Kong toy, and it comes in several sizes for different breeds. It would be ridiculous to have a huge Kong for a 10 pound dog, and it would be equally foolish to buy a tiny Kong for a Great Dane. The toy must be appropriate.

Most pet stores are run by people who are very knowledgeable about different breeds and their needs. They are usually only too happy to talk to you about your dog’s play needs, and most pet stores allow the dogs to come in if they are on a leash.

Chewing is a very important activity for your dog, and you should try to have a few chew toys on hand for him. If you do not furnish these toys the dog will soon find your slippers or some other forbidden treasure. They need to chew, and there are many different types of chew toys on the market these days.

Other toys that are fun include tennis balls, toys with bells inside, squeak toys and many others. Always be with your puppy when he is playing with toys, as he could easily rip them and start chewing on the stuffing. Here again, consult the people at the pet store, as their advice is excellent as far as toy choice is concerned.

There are toys, like Kong, that are hollow and have a place for a treat. Sometimes it can take quite a while for Fido to retrieve his treat, but he will enjoy every minute of the challenge.

Dogs need play time with you as well. They are social creatures and need to interact with their owners. Throwing a ball, or tugging with a toy will give him great satisfaction. A play time in the back yard or in a nearby park will soon tire him out, and you will have a contented and sleepy dog afterwards.

Have fun with your dog. Take a bit of time out of your day to enjoy a romp either indoors or out in the fresh air. He will love it, and it will give you a bit of exercise too.

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