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Dog Dress Up – Is It Right?

As far as dog dressing up goes at my house it’s generally just a cowboy style bandana (or bow tie for birthdays and special occasions) and maybe a party hat or reindeer antlers at Christmas.

But dog dress up is big business these days. Not just owners buying their small dogs jakets and coats to keep them warm but Halloween costumes for dogs and dog fancy dress parties are the latest thing!

But have you seen some of these dog outfits? They are quite incredible and I have mixed emotions about them I have to say. I’m as susceptible to the desire to anthropomorphize our canine pals:

an⋅thro⋅po⋅mor⋅phize   [an-thruh-puh-mawr-fahyz]
–verb (used with object), verb (used without object), -phized,

to ascribe human form or attributes to (an animal, plant, material object, etc.)

darth-vader-dog-costumeBut somehow it sits easier with me when it’s a small dog and the look on the dog’s face shows that they are OK with the whole dressing up thing. Sometimes it seems very apparent that they are not happy at all! We all know that dogs can feel embarassment too don’t we? Well they can.

My heart goes out to those poor little buggers who are obviously just going along with it on sufferance – which of course, in a way, makes it cuter still!

But it’s my prejudice that turns me against dog costumes when it’s a larger, noble dog. It’s sort of like seeing a grown up human wearing kids clothes – it aint right!

That said, each to their own, just be sure that if you dog does not take kindly to dressing up like Darth Vader don’t be too pushy about it – sometimes it’s just not meant to be!

Also make sure they are comfortable and that they can easily do their doggy ‘business’ without a problem. Keep the time wearing the costume to a minimum too. Spoil Your Best Friend!

What do you think about dressing up dogs and pets? Let us know below….

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