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Natural Cure for Dog Ear Infections

It’s amazing that a dog can have an ear infection and their human can be totally oblivious to it for quite some time. A few weeks ago I had called Jeremy up onto the bed for a little snuggle session. Like all dogs he loves his ears rubbed. Despite the fact that Jeremy is full blooded German Shepherd, his ears stand at half mast, giving him just enough flap to cover his ear canal and trap all kinds of little ‘collectibles’.

This time a good thorough rub of the ears led to a rather huge yelp and actual ooze that came out of his ear and landed on my finger as though I had accidentally popped a big zit in his ear. Ugh! He had been swimming in the bay the week before and it seemed we failed to clean his half masted ears well enough when he was done.

Dog ear infection can be treated with holistic pet products and natural cures. A dog with floppy ears, or Jeremy-like ears, is more prone to developing ear infections and natural remedies can be given as a holistic treatment as well as a natural prevention. Before administering a holistic pet treatment for a dog ear infection it is highly recommended that you clean the ear gently but thoroughly with a natural, holistic ear wash product.

Cleaning the ears with a holistic pet product helps eliminate bacteria, fungus, and in some rare cases, viruses. Part of finding a natural cure for dog ear infections is finding a holistic treatment that will cleanse the ear and prepare it for healing. Use a cotton ball so that you do not clog the dog’s ears with liquid and make hearing difficult.

A holistic ear treatment for dog ear infections should be soothing as well as healing. Voiding the area of bacteria won’t do you or your dog much good if he insists on sticking his dirty foot in his ear every two minutes. A natural cure for dog ear infections that can alleviate the general discomfort of a puppy ear infection gives the ear canal a much greater chance of healing without further incident.

Dogs rely in their hearing to help monitor their surroundings. Rescue dogs like Jeremy are often a little more keen on listening to their surroundings for signs of potential threats. Ear infections and thick or messy creams prescribed by traditional veterinarians can block the dog’s ability to hear clearly.

Most holistic pet products that are suitable for ear infections for dogs or puppies can be ordered for dual purpose treatment. Initially you want to use a natural remedy to clear up the ear infection. Then, the same natural remedy should also help act as a preventative agent, especially for dogs who can’t seem to stay out of bay water or dogs with ears that flop over. Dogs that can’t keep out of the bay water and have floppy ears should simply never go without a holistic remedy for ear infections and the prevention of infections.

Fortunately, I am happy to report, that since we started our holistic preventative regimen with Jeremy the bay water has yet to infect his half masted ears again.

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