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Man versus Dog

Our dog, Jimmy Choo, might not look like the sharpest tool in the box, but when it comes to not taking his worming tablets this dog is a master.

A while back my husband and I had purchased Drontal Plus worming tablets, which we consider one of the best on the market for protecting Jimmy Choo against many varieties of round worms and tape worms. We had the Drontal Plus XL tablet which meant that we only needed to give him one tablet orally, so our first line of attack was to hide it in his doggy food. Five minutes later we checked his bowl and there was the tablet, no food in sight, just one immaculate pill. Every other dog we have had has eaten the tablet without any problems, so we knew there was nothing offensive about the taste or smell!

Second plan of attack was more upfront – we offered him the tablet from our hands to see if he fancied it. He obviously didn’t, so we tried to hide it in some of his favourite dog treats, we used about four different types of treats all of which he loved but he resolutely refused to take in the tablet. By now we had one fat pup filled up on all the delicious food we had fed him but he still hadn’t been wormed.

So we decided to look online for our fellow dog owners’ advice. One video showed a man simply opening his dog’s mouth and popping the medicine in – this seemed a bit optimistic for our liking but we gave it a whirl and sure enough the tablet came out and Jimmy gave us the look of contempt that we deserved. Someone else suggested hiding it in a mars bar – a random trick that he blindly swore would work. However, mindful of the harmful effects of chocolate on dogs, we decided to hide it in some cheese – one of Jimmy’s favourite “human food” treats.

So, with the tablet well-concealed in a small lump of cheese we offered the concoction to Jimmy Choo….and finally with success! Tablet eaten without a clue – Man 1 and Dog 0 – score is to be updated in three months…

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