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How to clean a dogs ears

Make this enjoyable for your dog. With a leash attached, have the dog sit, and talk to him softly to keep him calm. Give him a pat around the ears and get him used to you touching the area. Treats are good.

Soak a cotton ball in your pet ear wash solution and then squeeze out excess liquid so it’s not dripping. Praise the pooch.

Do NOT use Q-tip type swabs! Dogs movements are unpredictable and you don’t want to puncture their ears.

Don’t be tempted to ‘dig’ in deep – that’s a job for the vet. Who you should contact if there appears to be a lot of ‘gunk’ deep down there or if there’s an unpleasant smell.

When done let the dog have a good shake when you’re done to get rid of any excess fluid in the ear. Look to do this once a month.

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  1. My dog had an ear infection and I had to swab them out every day – like an idiot used Q-Tips but, thank crikey, have a docile old dog. When I look back at what might have happened I shudder!

  2. hi i have a cairn terrier who is very sensitive araound his ears i do manage to clean them but it isnt easy he has already seen a vet with the problem but it has reoccured and i dont really fancy him being sedated again to clean them because sedation isnt good for them i can clean one better than the other and i dont want to stress him out can you please help me in live in the uk and would welcome any suggestions
    thanks shirley

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