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How To Choose The Right Dog

What a joy a dog can bring into our lives! But unless the right dog is chosen, there can be trouble ahead. Dogs come in all sizes, colors and breeds, and it is up to the prospective owner to choose a dog that is appropriate to his own lifestyle.

If you live in an apartment on the tenth floor of the building, check first to see if pets are allowed. If they are, consider how many times you will be going up and down in the elevator to take Fido out for his ‘business.’

If you live in a ground floor condo or own a house the choice becomes much easier. Dogs need to be walked and they also need to be taken out regularly for a bathroom break. This is true especially of puppies, who seem to be in and out several times a day.

If you are away for most of the day, it would be very hard to train a puppy. Crate training is the best method, many people believe, but a young pup must be taken out many times. It cannot be left out of the crate while you are away, if you want to have a house to come back to.

All these factors must be considered when you decide to add a pet to your home. Dogs are wonderful companions, but they need to be trained and that training must be consistent. If you are unable to be at home most of the time perhaps you should wait before choosing one.

The size of the dog is a major consideration. If you live in a small bungalow, with a postage-stamp size lot, the Great Dane is not for you. Such a large dog needs room in which to run and play. They are also too big for the house and would be underfoot all the time. This is not fair to the dog.

If you have small children, they must be made to understand that dogs cannot be hit, nor can they throw things at them. They need to understand that pets are to be loved and played with, not attacked.

So, when you have decided that you really want a dog, and have the room and the time to care for it, make that first step toward acquiring a new and faithful family member. You will not regret it.

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