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Holistic Help for Dogs with Allergies

One of the many health problems Scooter came to me with included skin allergies. When this little Beagle got on a scratching binge it sounded like a small helicopter was taking off in the next room as the thump thump thump of his hind leg hit the floor in record speed. Being a blind dog with skin allergies, sometimes he would drop wherever he was to scratch his itch.

That might mean he landed on a random piece of another dog. It also might mean he landed on a pile of puppy doo in the back yard. Of course, bathing Scooter every time he misjudged his crash landing was not an effective natural cure for the dog’s skin allergies. Too many baths can make a dog’s skin allergies much worse. Of course, being covered in dog doo was liable to make his self image much worse right along with downgrading his cute and cuddly factor.

As part of my search for a holistic remedy for Scooter’s skin allergies I spent nearly $100 on a specialized set of oatmeal based natural allergy cure shampoo and conditioner. That was about three years ago and those bottles are sitting in my linen closet more than half full. That was perhaps one of the worst homeopathic dog cures I ever purchased. 

Holistic dog remedies work. The trick is finding a real holistic pet product line that has a proven track record and is actually made from all natural ingredients. Once you find a holistic pet product line that you can trust, I would say you’re pretty much golden. Not all natural cures for dogs are really all natural. Not all of them are really cures for that matter. Take the time to read product reviews and testimonials before dropping an obscene amount of money on any natural skin allergy cures for your dogs. 

Needless to say I knew I was going about finding Scooter a holistic remedy in the most unhelpful way. I already knew that giving him additional baths was irritating his sensitive skin and yet I was relying on herbal remedies that required bathing to help him. What I really needed was a holistic treatment for dogs that he could ingest, sort of the way humans rely on the traditional Benadryl for allergy relief. By the way, despite what some people believe, giving Benadryl to a dog can be a really bad idea. Human products are not always so good for humans, and they certainly are not good for pets. Go for holistic pet treatments rather than human medications.

An ingestible herbal remedy for dog allergies helped Scooter leap over another one of his health hurdles. The helicopter take offs eased and he stopped crash landing in random piles that required more bathing. I dare say that finding the right ingestible holistic health treatment for Scooter’s allergies may have actually helped out his little self esteem since he wasn’t chronically turning stomachs with his crash landing aroma. The right dog holistic health product for dog allergies helps to ease the frantic itching, stop the boisterous and goal oriented scratching, and actually helps calm the dog for some much needed rest and relaxation.

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