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Getting Rid of Mites—My Dog is So Much Happier Now

Oh my goodness mites are just nasty to deal with! They are not very obvious when they first infiltrate your dog, but once they take a firm hold there is no stopping them from their destructive and grossly unpleasant path. Logically I know that there are mites that live in mattresses and even on our skin. However, when you bring home a dog that is infested with mites you can see just how they chomp on the skin and munch through the tips of the ears. Mites are, for those of you who have never experienced this, a type of Mange.

Maybe it’s the concept of mites that gets us humans so upset. There is a microscopic bug eating your dog’s flesh. It makes it hard to sleep in your own bed at night as you picture these little guys, logically or not, making their way into your bed. I think there are horror movies written about stuff like this.!

So as these little bugs infiltrate your dog and your ability to sleep peacefully you soon realize that there has to be a healthy preventative so that your dog never has to experience this again. Once you replace your mattress, or burn it, and you disinfect everything in your home because you have those horror movie images in your head, you want nothing more than to never bring your dog home with an infestation of mites again.

While it’s true that mites are actually generally not an interspecies problem, I can’t deal with them any better than I can with fleas, which can become an inter-species problem. Thus, a natural preventative is completely up my alley.

Manage Mites Spray is a natural and homeopathic way to keep these little bugs from ruining your slumber and ruining your dog’s good day. Mites can be picked up from other dogs, from puppy parks, and from special places like the beach or on that really cool hike you took your dog on. You generally don’t know that your pup has picked up a case of mites until you start to see the results of their little bites and the affect they have on your dog. A skin scraping, which is highly uncomfortable in some cases, is necessary to diagnose the little buggers. A dip in some rather pungent specially medicated shampoo is the next step for most dogs with some sort of mite infestation. The imaginative images that you come up with in your mind are not so easily washed away.

Manage Mites Spray is a nontoxic formula that lets people like me sleep better at night. It promotes the natural health of your dog’s skin and it discourages these nasty little creatures from taking up residence on your dog. The natural formula makes me comfortable because there isn’t any of that nasty stuff that could end up harming our dogs as they play and tussle together. Mites are no longer welcome here and my dog is much happier.

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