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Dog training hand commands guide

As well as you teaching your dog to obey you through the use of verbal commands, you can also teach them to obey you when you only use hand signals instead. When it does come to you teaching your dog about such commands you will need to use them in conjunction with verbal commands in the beginning. In this article, we look at one of the ways in which Dog Training Hand Commands can be accomplished.

Teaching a dog how to obey hand commands rather than verbal ones can be achieved very simply. It will require some patience on your part, but having a few treats available when they do react in the right way can help things progress a lot more quickly and smoothly.

It is crucial when you first start training your dog to react to hand commands rather than spoken ones is that you use the two in conjunction with each other. Also, you need to first decide what signal will represent what spoken command that you want your dog to obey. Only after you have made a decision on each hand command can you then start actually training your dog to respond to them.

When you first start teaching your dog how to respond to hand commands rather than just your voice you should say each word very clearly and make the hand movement in conjunction with it. You will then need to spend time just repeating the word and the hand signal over a period of time until the dog actually understands what it is you require of them. Once you notice that your dog is responding as soon as you begin the movement and say the word then you should reward them.

With this kind of training you will need to repeat the verbal commands every time you do the hand signals in the beginning, then as time progresses you need to start eliminating the verbal ones. Although you should be still praising your dog and offering them rewards these should only be offered when they actually respond to the hand commands and not the verbal ones as well. It is a good idea to very slowly and gradually stop using the verbal commands and replace them with hand ones only.

Once you feel your dog is actually fully responding to the hand signals that you are using to control them you can now start to actually begin to eliminate the need to provide them with treats. However, as with the elimination of verbal commands, a dog owner should not stop providing such rewards immediately, but gradually and slowly start to eliminate them. Instead rather than offering your dog a treat you could praise them.

When you are teaching your dog to respond to hand commands rather than verbal ones it is best that you start of with the basics. So therefore, you should spend time teaching them the hand signals relating to sit, stay, come and down before you actually try anything a little more difficult.

Getting the right kind of advice when it comes to you, teaching your dog to respond to hand commands is easy to find. There are lots of books, videos and websites that offer sound advice and information on what are the right Dog Training Hand Commands techniques that one should be using.

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