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Dogs Don’t Wear Glasses—Dog Eye Health

When Scooter entered my life my entire picture of dog eye health changed. As an older dog with two trips to the local kill shelter under his belt, he was also blind and fat. At first I thought I was taking him to give him a dignified end to his dramatic life. After six months he slimmed down, decided to love me, and started to blossom into the little Beagle he is today. Four years later, we have run the gambit of dog ophthalmologists and experts on eye health.

Scooter’s blindness remains a mystery, and he has learned to navigate the world with confidence. During our numerous visits to specialists I found many pups with many problems with their eye health. While there isn’t anything that is going to restore my dog’s sight, as a surgery had previously been performed before he landed on my doorstep, I did recognize that there were other conditions that people were trying to resolve in their dogs before they joined Scooter in his dark albeit happy world.

One of the regular visitors to the specialist has a dog named Henri. Henri is a large breed dog with what could be described as perpetual conjunctiva irritation and it affects his ability to comfortably keep his eyes open. This meant that he often walked into and onto things with his eyes closed while he tried to find some comfort from his problems.

Henri’s owner spent hundreds, maybe even into the thousands of dollars on the dog eye experts only to have frustrating results. I was able to find a great deal of comfort in the idea that Scooter was not uncomfortable, just blind. But Henri was perpetually in a state of eye distress and so it was time for his human to try a different approach. She eventually turned to trying out different holistically based products when the medication didn’t hold a candle to Henri’s needs.

One of the products she discovered was Eye Heal for dogs. This was a naturally balanced eye drop for pets that helped to support the natural health of the conjunctiva. Over the first few days, she told me she wasn’t sure if she was seeing results or if she was just so hopeful that she was looking for results that weren’t there. After the first week, however, there was a different story to be told. Henri stopped walking around with his eyes closed and the inflamed redness of his eyes started to dissipate. His visual accuracy seemed to improve and it didn’t take long before he seemed to be much more comfortable. Comfort, after all, was the biggest benefit.

Whether a dog’s vision is perfect or not is hard to tell until they start behaving differently or they start to bump into things. What I like about the Eye Heal is that a dog’s eye health can be maintained rather than just fixed. I will never know why Scooter is blind and I will never know if it had anything to do with his numerous trips to the kill shelter he found himself in twice. But I do know that dog blindness and dog eye problems can be prevented in some cases with special attention given to the dog’s basic health standards from the time they are young. My dog, and now Henri, are both physically comfortable in their world. Yet it is amazing that after the time and money spent on professional help what was helping Henri was a natural remedy that brought him and his human a great deal of peace.

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