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Dog containment – important responsibility for every dog owner

Almost every day, you can find a news story detailing a case of a dog running loose in the neighborhood, that has bitten or simply bowled over a child, resulting in injuries. In other cases, an unsupervised, aggressive dog may attack another dog. The dog usually ends up quarantined, at the very least, while the person who has been attacked might suffer a fear of dogs thereafter. This is particularly true in the case of small children. In the case of dogs, they might suffer grievous injuries as well. Some dog owners don’t regard an effective dog containment system to be one of the responsibilities of owning a dog. The fact is, that we all should take this issue as seriously as we do feeding, watering and vaccinating.

Every town in America has a leash law, to help avoid injuries and even death to other animals and people. Yet, many dog owners seem to think this will never happen with their dog. Postal workers and delivery people can attest to the frequent incidences they encounter with dogs whose owner doesn’t bother with dog containment. Many dogs dislike people in uniforms. Others make a game of laying in wait for the postal worker, just for the fun of scaring them.

If your dog is let outside, unsupervised, to ‘do his business’ or just for a little exercise, you’re playing a dangerous game. Even if your dog is the mild-mannered type and you think he’d never hurt a fly, it’s a fact that most dogs can take an instant dislike to certain people or other animals. Maybe they don’t like their scent, or there is some other aspect of the unsuspecting victim that triggers an aggressive event. It’s unwise to take this sort of chance.

Even if your yard is fenced, you might be shocked to find that your dog can jump the standard six foot fence, given the right incentive. So, unless your dog is on a leash, with you at the other end of the leash, you must have an alternative in order to safely allow your dog outside. Effective dog containment systems might consist of a chain link dog run, of a size sufficient for him to run around to his heart’s content, without posing a danger to anyone else. This is a good solution if you leave your dog outside all day, as when you must go to work.

Another workable solution for proper dog containment is his dog house, within reach of food, water and shade in the summer. A sturdy chain leash that allows him to move around freely, in a twenty foot diameter, well away from the street works well if you’re just going out for a few hours. Do not make a frequent practice of chaining him up, as this can nurture an aggressive, resentful pattern of behavior.

Call your local SPCA and inquire what dog containment system might be best for you, your dog and the neighborhood. Be a responsible dog owner!

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