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Diabetes in Dogs—A Natural Remedy

Ten years ago diabetes in dogs had few natural remedies to counteract the effects that the disease held over a dog. Insulin shots and specialized diets were pretty much the best you could do unless you knew exactly where to look. Bubba, a little Maltese with canine diabetes spent his life enduring the injections and dealing with diabetes related illnesses. Today, there are more options available for the diabetic pup, and these natural remedies are showing great promise.

Bubba eventually was humanely euthanized due to complications from his dog diabetes. Dogs today have a greater chance of being healthier and less expensive to care for thanks to products like GlucoEnsure. This is a supplement specially designed to encourage the pancreas and liver to develop more natural rhythms of glucose production and maintain healthier levels of blood sugar. By enhancing the pancreatic and liver health there is a reduction in the likelihood of additional complications stemming from dog diabetes.

Bubba was a little champion and I regret that there weren’t more products like GlucoEnsure on the market when he was suffering. His daily regimen included three to five shots per day, tallying up hundreds of dollars per months in medical expenses that yes, could occasionally become a hardship. But when we are faced with a choice between caring for our dogs and not caring for them, we will do just about anything to ensure they get what they need.

A dog with diabetes requires additional care, and the introduction of supplements that help them balance out their blood sugar, develop healthier immune functions, and gain a better and more balanced heart and circulatory function is a life saver, literally. I now know several dogs with diabetes and their quality of is much better than little Bubba’s ever was thanks to supplements that can help their body respond more naturally to food.

Diabetes in humans has led to greater research. This research has also benefited the canine community as some of the same findings are true for dogs and not just human related. A couple down the street from me is a family of diabetics. The husband, wife, and puppy are battling the diabetes and each of them has started taking supplements to support their pancreatic function and liver function. You can tell just by the way the entire brood has evened out their weight and their evening walk that the supplements are helping.

When I see them now I think of Bubba, with his can—do attitude and his irrepressible spirit and I wonder what his life would have been like had these supplements been readily available during his lifetime. After all, we look to our canine companions for so much and all they hope for in return is a good life next to us. Since we can’t readily explain to them why they feel the way they do, there is no way to tell if they understand that the shots and their physical state is the very best we could do for them at the time. Instead, they smile through it and they are retain their ability to be happy despite illness.

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