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Don't Search For Dog Videos - Make Your Own!

Don’t Search For Dog Videos – Make Your Own!

Yep! We all search for funny dog videos and so on all the time, I know I do. But check this out…

I just came across this amazing online application – upload your photos ( add text if you want to), choose music from a fantastic library of sounds or upload your own, mix it up and POW! You get something like this….

Best Dog Breed Grooming Tips

Best Dog Breed Grooming Tips

A dog is a great companion and will love you unconditionally, but your pet will also need grooming to keep her neat and comfortable and will love you all the more for grooming her properly.

If you are thinking of entering your dog into competition grooming can be the difference between gaining a ‘best of breed’ prize or being an ‘also ran’.

The Positive Reinforcement Method Explained

The Positive Reinforcement Method Explained

It’s widely accepted among the vast majority of dog training experts that the most effective and humane way to train your dog is through a process called positive reinforcement training.

This is a fancy phrase for what’s essentially a very simple theory: using positive reinforcement entails rewarding the behavior that you wish to see repeated, and ignoring the behavior that you don’t.

Do You Talk Dog?

Do You Talk Dog?

I’m sure you’ve seen those amusing video compilations on Amazon where dogs are filmed apparently talking. Usually the owners hear what they want to hear as in “I want my Mama!”

Well instead of pretending dogs can talk ‘human’ why not try to learn to speak ‘dog’?

Getting A Shelter Dog - A Deeper Bond!

Getting A Shelter Dog – A Deeper Bond!

These days, with the economy in the ditch, some people are having to abandon their pets because they cannot afford to feed them anymore. Sad as that might seem, it gives the dog seeker a chance to save one of these precious pets and give it a loving home.

Your local veterinary clinic often receives unwanted dogs and this would be the first place to look. If you don’t find a dog there, go to the local animal shelter. There you will definitely find dogs who have been abandoned for one reason or other.