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Care of the Dogs Coat

It is essential for the well-being of dogs that you take good care of their coats so that you avoid terrible dog dandruff. If you do not have time to brush a dog every day, you should probably not choose to get a long-haired one.

Small dogs are easy to handle when the animal is put on a table on which a slip-resistant surface has been laid. Daily brushing will help remove dirt and at the same time stimulate the growth of new hair.

The cutting or shearing of the hairy coat can be learned, but not without practice under an expert´s supervision. In general, it is easier to dedicate this task to a professional who can shorten the coat of your dog without troubling the animal. Around the anus it is usually advised to keep the hair short for hygienic reasons. Hair on the feet should not protrude beyond pads and nails. It is important to smooth the hair just above the heel and not to cut in between, because otherwise the sensitive skin between the toes might get irritated by hair stubble.

Brushing your dog is usually sufficient to remove dirt and dust. But if the dog has trudged through mud or has walked on salty ways, it is necessary to wash its feet with water and dry them thoroughly.

Your dog does not necessarily need a regular full bath. But in case it has wallowed, you should bath it with warm water and rub a mild shampoo in his coat.

After a short time the shampoo is to be rinsed thoroughly from the coat. To dry the coat, thick towels are most suitable. Short-haired dogs can be rubbed very strongly, whereas long-haired dogs should be treated differently. With a long-haired dog, the water should only be pushed out of the coat and absorbed with a towel. The dog´s hair can be dried by using a hair dryer or by letting it stay in a warm room in case your dog is sensitive to the noise of the hair dryer.

In addition to pure care products, there are also shampoos which are suitable for treating various skin problems in dogs. In addition to that there are also several dog supplements available online which you can buy that will support the physiological growth of hair. 

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