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Getting A Shelter Dog – A Deeper Bond!

These days, with the economy in the ditch, some people are having to abandon their pets because they cannot afford to feed them anymore. Sad as that might seem, it gives the dog seeker a chance to save one of these precious pets and give it a loving home.

Your local veterinary clinic often receives unwanted dogs and this would be the first place to look. If you don’t find a dog there, go to the local animal shelter. There you will definitely find dogs who have been abandoned for one reason or other.

Shelter dogs can be a blessing for the dog and the owner. The dog will be lovingly received into a warm home and the owner will have a new and loyal friend. Getting a dog from a shelter, however, must be done with care. Often the dogs have been brutalized and may never be able to interact normally with humans again. This is something to  consider carefully before deciding to take the dog home.

Behavior problems, aggression, and fear, are three things to look for in your prospective pet. Take time to get to know him and let him sniff and circle you as he gets to know you.

Sometimes it doesn’t take long to find the right dog, but be careful and ask questions of the attendants.

Before you adopt a dog from a shelter there are several things that should be included in the contract. They are:

  • All dogs should be spayed or neutered, or if too young, it should be included in the contract.
  • The dog should have been temperament tested, and full disclosure of any medical or behavioral problems included in the information given to the adopter.
  • A reputable shelter will offer ongoing support to the adopter.
  • The dog should have been examined by a veterinarian and the results given to the adopter.
  • The dog should be up-to-date with vaccines.
  • If the adopter, for any reason, decides to give the dog up, it must be returned to the same shelter.

These are a few rules that protect the dog, the adopter and the shelter.

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