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Big Dogs Rule – (but be sensible!)

If you live in a condo or house, as long as it is a good size, a large dog just might be the one for you. But remember that a large dog needs room in which to run, so a good-sized backyard and access to a park or countryside is important. A large dog will need to be walked at least couple of times each day, half an hour plus, so if you are not able or willing to take on this task a large dog is not for you.

A large dog also needs room in the home to play and move around. If you are living in a two-bedroom house and have three children, it might be wise to rethink the purchase of a big dog. He might not look so big when you see him as a puppy when you are thinking of buying – so look at his Mum! Imagine her tearing around your house…


If that doesn’t frighten you off and you feel that a large dog is exactly what you want, it would be good to look over a few different breeds for their special attributes. Some to consider include:

  • St. Bernard. This breed is a big, lovable dog, whose life span is 8 to 9 years. They are short or long haired.
  • Afghan Hounds. These dogs, with their long, luxurious coat, love to be petted and fussed over. They love children and are real performers but not the sharpest knife in the drawer!
  • English Setters. A gentle dog who interacts well with children and other pets, it needs a large, fenced-in yard for play.
  • The Newfoundland dog is cuddly, calm and tolerant. A calm and protective dog, he sheds easily and needs regular grooming.
  • German Shepherds are intelligent and very loyal. They are protective of their turf and make good guard dogs. They need to be trained very seriously and consistently.
  • Airedale Terriers are originally from Airedale in Yorkshire, England. It is the largest of the terrier breeds and at maturity can weigh from 50 to 70 pounds. He is loving and wants to be in the center of all family activities. The life span is approximately 12 years.
  • Irish Wolfhound – the size of a small pony this is my particular favorite which is why I’ve been sensible enough never to own one!
  • The Dalmatian is a black and white spotted dog with great stamina and energy from training to run beside horse-drawn coaches. They also have the name of Coach dog. They are playful, sensitive and loyal.

Those are only a few of the large dogs that are popular with owners. Perhaps one will become your special pet one day. Just be sure to give it the spce and exercise it deserves.

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