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Best Dog Breed Grooming Tips

A dog is a great companion and will love you unconditionally, but your pet will also need grooming to keep her neat and comfortable and will love you all the more for grooming her properly.

If you are thinking of entering your dog into competition grooming can be the difference between gaining a ‘best of breed’ prize or being an ‘also ran’.

You can do your dog breed grooming at home, if you have time, and this would entail purchasing a hair brush and comb, a toothbrush and special flavored toothpaste, a nail clipper or grinder and shampoo. Most dogs will give you a tussle when you take them to the bathtub, but they usually settle down nicely. Be sure that the water is warm, and not too hot or cold ( think ‘bathing a baby’). Then gently rub in the shampoo and massage the dog. A clear steady stream of warm water, rather than a power blast will rinse her off gently and without alarming here.

Bear in mind that most dogs will be very frisky when the bath is over! Take them outside for a run ( after having given them a good toweling off). If the weather’s cold make sure you are going back to a warm house.

Good dog grooming does NOT have to be as ‘over the top’ as seen in this video but as long as the dog’s are happy it’s fine too!



I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to dry the dog thoroughly. After towel drying, a hair blower can finish the job, and dogs usually love this ( not too hot please!). This varies according to your dog breed as long haired breeds, obviously, require greater grooming and drying off.

Brushing a dog’s teeth is very important to the general health of the pet. If you are going to be doing this, take her toothbrush and put a small amount of a flavored tooth paste on it. Gently open the dog’s mouth and begin to brush. Do this every two weeks and you will be rewarded by a pet with healthy teeth and gums. For more info see our post on Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth.

You can also use bones that are manufactured for the purpose of keeping the dog’s teeth free of tartar. They enjoy the chewing and it will also keep them quiet for a while – an added bonus!

Nail clipping can be difficult, but if you are gentle she should not be too restless. There are new devices on the market that run on batteries and shave the nails, rather than cut them. If you do cut into the quick of a nail, use a bit of flour to stop the bleeding. It can be difficult to judge where to cut, especially if your dog has strongly colored nails so the ‘quick’ is not visible. Your vet is always an option for nail trimming and dogs that walk regualrly on rough surfaces ( pavements, tarmac etc.) will need far less nail trimming than housebound or country raised dogs.

Every few days the dog should be dry brushed and combed. This will prevent tangles and snarls that make combing unpleasant for the longer haired dog. Matted fur is extremely hard to get a brush through so don’t try – schedule a shanpoo session!

If you are going to be using the services of a groomer, ask your friends who have pets for a reference. You need to know that the dog will feel happy and safe in the company of the groomer, and that she will be treated kindly and gently ( especially if you won’t be there while the grooming is taking place).

Whichever way you go, it is important to keep the dog groomed according to the weather. Short fur in the summer, longer in the winter. Always keep your dog’s comfort zone in mind.

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