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Basic dog care advice

Dogs need their own bed and blanket in a quiet corner of a room where they are able to see what’s going on. It’s best to put your dog’s bed in a draught-free corner of the kitchen as it should be warm and have a washable floor. Your dog will need a food and water bowl and bedding which should be warm, dry and comfortable. It will need a well-fenced garden where it can exercise and play.

Dogs can get the right nutrients from pre-prepared food and biscuits available in pet shops. Many dogs won’t eat all they need in one feed, so it is best to feed your dog 2 small meals a day, depending on its size.

Feed the smallest quantity recommended for your size of dog and only increase this if it starts to look thin. Give your dog the same type of food every time to stop it becoming fussy, and take the bowl away after 15 minutes.

Older dogs and dogs that have been neutered will need less food. Give your dog sterilized marrow bones rather than cooked bones which can splinter. It will also need fresh, clean water every day.

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