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About Us

Launched in 2005 the Dog Tricks 101 site coincided with the arrival of Basil.

basil boyA not so super smart Golden Labrador Retriever and suffering from a nervous disposition he has changed our lives for the better and the pleasure he gets from doing tricks is only slightly greater than ours when we teach them to him (or try to!)

Then when his epileptic seizures became apparent my research in to herbal medication for dogs added a new dimension to the site as they have certainly helped Basil with his problem.

Next we had to face the fact that it was all well and good Basil being able to ‘Shake a Paw’ but not if he continued to pull at the lead when we went to town so basic dog training became another focus.


Next came the glorious Dodger, a Curly Coated Retriever and the most affectionate ‘pup’ – Curly Coats have a long ‘puppy’ period, so they say: 3 years plus! Well that’s OK in our book!

Dodger is the kind of dog that wakes up in the morning and wants to greet everybody and say, “Hey! What a great day!”

He’s my sister’s favorite, and vice versa. If I want him out of my house all I have to say is, “Where’s your Mummy?” and he’s gone!

And all was going swimmingly until one day, after a thunder storm, another dog arrived!

It was Dixie, a Briard, ( who goes ‘mad’ when thunder is in play. When Dixie hears thunder he RUNS! And he’d run over 4 miles on the day when he turned up at our house) .

Soaked through, knackered and freaked out – we loved him at first sight. But of course had to post the ‘dog found’ posters everywhere! Which we did.

After a few days a French Fireman turned up claiming ownership but said fellow was more than a bit relieved when we said we were prepared to add Dixie to our pack! As he, the fireman, had just sold his house and bought a small apartment.

Without going into too many details Dixie had spent the last 10 years of his life looking forward only to a very rare walk and lived his life in a garage. Small wonder then that we are the coolest/nicest people/owners he has ever met! He is a free range dog in a 15 hectare Dairy farm (as this was).

In fact when his original owner turned up to ‘claim’ his runaway dog Dixie turned his back on him, and sat down directly in front of me looking to me for guidance. I knew exactly what he was trying to tell me: “You’re my new pack leader and I want to stay here with you!”

And so it came to pass!

So now we have 3 pretty large dogs sleeping, eating in separate houses but interacting with each other every day as they mosey between the houses where we live. Sleeping arrangements, feeding arrangements, exercise responsibilities – these may sometimes vary as the various human members of our pack come and go on holidays and business travels.

But there is a constant: